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CARONTE: Preproduction, shooting and post production of an Scifi adventure by Luis Tinoco, director of the short movie, Jaume Campos, in charge of 3D and Melina Matthews, main character.

Hours: 18.00-19.00

Luis Tinoco, screenwriter and director of Caronte (along with other crew members), will go into detail in the process of creating CARONTE, the science fiction short film that is sweeping festivals around the world (more than 110 official selections and 35 international awards). From the preproduction and design of the ships and the environments, through the filming process, and the complex postproduction and creation of visual effects and 3D animation of the project. A talk where you can see the full short, exclusive material and “making of” will be taught, and the participation of the attending audience will be promoted with questions and doubts they may have about the creation of this space adventure.


Hours: 14.00-16.15

Finalist shorts movies will be screening into the first science fiction festival “Madrid Sci-Fi Festival that will take place during the celebration of Heroes Comic Con Madrid. We will also know the winning short, which will be screened in one of Yelmo’s cinemas.